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A P2P Mobility Service Enabling Trustless Collaboration  Powered by Blockchain

What Do We Do

Take on the challenging goal to make carpooling actually work

In today’s over congested world, everyone understands the need for and the benefits of carpooling services. If people would just share their daily commute, the world will become a better place. Period.

Less traffic, less accidents, smaller ecological footprint, easier parking and better connected communities is just a short list of carpooling benefits.

Create Trustless Collaborations

Building a carpooling service that enables non-trusting partners, like OEMs, big employers and even other carpooling service providers, to seamlessly collaborate in order to provide their users and clients a better carpooling match to fit their mobility needs.

Branded Service - Shared Data.

Believe in The Power of Games

Most people don’t like to carpool. For some of us this is the only time of the day we are alone, where we can sing out loud, doing our own private weird stuff and so on…  We value our freedom highly and taking someone in our private car on our daily commute takes that freedom away. And 10$ a ride (the average cost of daily commute) is just not enough to give that away.

But we humans like to play. It’s one of our basic needs. It is coded in our DNA.

That’s why we see people do things in “Game Mode” that they wouldn’t do in any other circumstances. And given the right incentive can take that to all new levels of participation. Even in carpooling.

Mobility as a Service Token

Having a token with real life value that players can use for mobility services can change the big picture. We have lots of ideas as for what kind of games can help propel carpooling into its full potential.

First game soon to be launched…


Denis Senchishev

UI/UX Design

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Yaron Velner

Smart Contracts Architect
Solidity Expert

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Shay Zluf

Co-Founder & VP Product

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Eitan Katchka

Co-Founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

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